I am an exchange student!

.-How are you gonna know what a dream is...if you've never completed one.
.-How are you gonna know what an adventure is...if you never undertook one.
... .-How are you gonna know what anguish is...if you never told your family and friends "see you soon" with your eyes full of tears.
.-How are you gonna know what desperation is...if you never arrived in a place, alone, without understanding anything the others were saying
.-How are you gonna know what it means to miss someone...if you've never been away from home
.-How are you gonna know what diversity is...if you've never shared under the same roof with people from all over the world
.-How are you gonna know what tolerance is...if you've never had to get used to something different, even if you don't like it.
.-How are you gonna know what independence is...if you've never had to make decisions for yourself.
.-How are you gonna know what it means to grow...if you never quit being a child to start in a new direction.
.-How are you gonna know what disability is...if you've never had to urge to hug someone, but the computer screen got in your way
.-How are you gonna know what distance is...if you've never looked at a map and said "Wow, I'm far"
.-How are you gonna know what a language is...if youve never had to learn one to make friends
.-How are you gonna know what patriotism is...if you've never shouted "I love my country" holding a flag in the hand.
.-How are you gonna know what a party is...if you've never traveled hours to go to one
.-How are you gonna know what true reality is...if you've never had the opportunity to see many different ones so you can create your own.
.-How are you gonna know what an opportunity is...if you've never taken advantage of one
.-How are you gonna know what pride is...if you never felt it for yourself when you realize what you've accomplished.
.-How are you gonna know what it means to seize the moment...if you've never seen how time passed through your hands with great strides
.-How are you gonna know what a friend is...if the circumstances never taught you which ones are real
.-How are you gonna know what a family is...if you've never had one that supported you unconditionally
.-How are you gonna know what your boundaries are...if you've never passed them to see what lies beyond.
.-How are you gonna know what money is...if you never had to manage it to get along.
.-How are you gonna know what imagination is...if you've never thought about the moment you get back home
.-How are you gonna know what the world is...if you never were an exchange sudent!


The Diffences....

  1. Order doesnt matter when your in line (if they want it they will get it)
  2.  They sell beer and wine EVERYWHERE! (movies, every store, schools)
  3.  The radio stations have no theme they just play whatever they want
  4.  Carrots are in everything!
  5.  Water and ketchup costs money...Everything costs money
  6.  All cars are stick not automatic
  7.  A three story building is like a national monument.
  8.  Stoplights go green, yellow, red, yellow. Not green yellow red. 
  9.  Danes dont hold doors open for people or say excuse me when they want you to move. They will just push you.
  10.  Swearing in class is normal (Even the teachers do it)
  11.  They call their teachers by their first name
  12.  Eat everything with a knife and fork (pizza, bread, everything)
  13.  They are very shy at first
  14.  They are VERY competitive
  15.  They wear swim suits as shorts (guys)
  16.  They dont understand accents at all!
  17. Beer is cheaper than soda or water
  18.  Little kids take the bus and train alone
  19. They drink a lot of tea and cofee and have set tea times
  20. When the teacher is sick you just get that class off (no subs)
  21. They hang their clothes up to dry
  22. They think that a hour drive is far far away 
  23. They dont have fabric softener! 
  24. The mom usually does everyones wash.
  25. Trackers can drive on the road and are used like a car
  26. It is normal for girls to stay at guys houses even if they are not dating
  27. They have a 4-hole punch not a 3-hole punch and the binders have 2 rings not 3
  28. They raise their finger in class not there hand. 
  29. They put random obstacles in the road....And round abouts where there should be an intersection.
  30. No one says bless you after you sneeze.
  31. Every party has a pre party
  32. Everyone participates in class and is eager to learn because it is not the law to go to high school.
  33.  You stay with the same class, all day every day.
  34.  No tipping at restaurants unless you are feeling generous.
  35. No one likes peanut butter.
  36. Teachers just leave you alone in a classroom and expect you to do your work.
  37.  Everyone brings their laptop to school.
  38.  Everything is closed on sundays except for the first sunday of every month.
  39.  Everything closes early (6/7)
  40. All cars are manual, its rare to find automatic.
  41. People either have the most high tech phones (iphones) or the crappiest, low tech phones. There is no in between. (Same with cars)
  42. People ride their bikes EVERYWHERE!
  43. When watching any game the clock counts up not down!