New Years!

I found new years to be almost the same as in the states. So first I ate dinner with my host family and some family friends. At 6 the Queen talked to all of Denmark. Than I went to a friends house and hung out there. Right before 12 o'clock they watch this short show about this guy at a party where all the guests die and so he has to drink for all the guests. It is all in black and white! But than instead of kissing they jump into the new year. Everyone gets on a chair and jumps. So other than that it was the same as the U.S.A. :D It was very nice!


Danish Christmas!

WOW! I love danish christmas! Well first off all the festivities are on December 24th at night! So at 4 we went to church which was nice but short. Next all than around 5 all the family came over. I think we were around 12 people. Than we ate a lot. We had duck, potatos and something like pork. After dinner we danced around the tree. We all held hands and sang danish songs. Than just for me everyone sang "Last Christmas" which is something I will never forget! After that we ran through the house chanting. Than it was time for gifts. This took forever! One person gets up and picks a present and gives it to the person who it is for and they open it and than goes and gets a gift! It is really nice to see what everyone got but it takes forever :P Than of course we had coffee and tea! The next day is a big drinking day. Everyone went out and partied. Than on the 26th we went to a big lunch with family again. It was really nice. We eat alot again than take a walk around the town. I was surprisingly not homesick until the 26th. But over all it was an amzing time! :D