Week in Copenhagen: Valentines Day and Winter Vacation!

Wow! Where do I start this may be one of the best weeks of my exchange so far! This is all thanks to my good friend Tara! So if you read this thanks from the bottom of my heart! :) Your amazing!

SO We will take this day by day :)

MONDAY: I got off the train around 12:30 and so it was a pretty long day! But we went home and relaxed! That night we went out to the movies with a few other exchange students! We say "Man on a Ledge" It was pretty good but it gave a very bad impression of Americans. It was great becuase we all noticed it and could talk about it! I was just so happy to see my friends again!

TUESDAY: Tara and I went and saw some of my family on the Busk side. We met up for lunch at a little cafe and it was really nice. I learned a lot about our family history and such. That night since it was valentines day we had a girls night! Who needs guys :) We watched movies and painted our nails with some exchange students and a few of Tara's danish friends! It was very nice :)

I read my valentines from home after this week! They were amazing as well! :) SO thanks to the friends back home!

WEDNESDAY: Tara and I went to visit her first host mom! She was a doll! :) She was so sweet! We ate pizza and went on a winter walk which was really nice! We also had some hot coco of course! I felt right at home!

THURSDAY: All day we just relaxed :) We had some american food and did nothing! It was great to just have a break!

FRIDAY: During the day Tara, her host mother, and I went to a museum! It was really cool becuase you were a part of the experiments! It was very nice :) We of course had an amazing exchange moment...So we were trying to figure out something about our body and of course we didnt really know the metric system that well and so it was hard. Tara was on the phone with her danish friend and asked her "How many cm are in a meter?" And at that moment 2 guys looked at us like we were crazy...They acted like we were naked or something. And so we had to back paddle and explain the situation. They laughed and so did we...just all part of being an exchange student! :) That night Tara got a lot of exchange students together for my birthday! So we went out and it was a great night! I will always remember it!

Over all it was an amazing week! So thanks for everyone who made it great!