Turn In the Road!

This weekend I went to a rotary get together with all the exchange students in Denmark. I was so much fun! I was having a hard week and a hard time with my host family and just in general. But this weekend put everything in perspective. Some of the exchange students from Australia are going home in 2 months and that was their last time seeing eachother. I have been in Denmark for 3 months and time is flying. I realized I only have limited time here and how lucky I truly am to be here. I also realized all the amazing friends I have made! So I decided to just live out every moment to the fullest! One of the exchangers said "You win some and loose some." This made me realize that my exchange may not be perfect but I need to focas on the good parts!  It made me realize how much exchange students are there for you and they actually do understand. This weekend showed me how fast things go by and how much I need to take it all in because it will all be gone before you know it. So overall it was an eye opening weeked and one of the best in Denmark so far. 


Update: Paris, Host Families, and more!

    Over the fall break (1 week) I went to Paris for four days! It was amazing! We drove there and it took about 12 hours. It was so weird to think I could get to a new country in 12 hours! I saw all the big places! It was so much fun! Other than that I have just been living the danish life! I started dance classes which is great becuase it is something from home! There is another korean girl in my ballet class which is nice. She is in college though. Also my host family started only speaking danish to me :/ . I can understand a lot but talking back is the hard part!
   On halloween I had all my host families over for a party. It was really nice! We had chicken noodle soup and lots of candy.  It was the first time that I really hung out with my next host families. They are so sweet! I think I will get along great with them! I am so excited for the future! This coming up weeked I am meeting up with all the exchange students again and I am so excited! I think it will be a blast.

P.S. Sorry about my english, the more danish I learn the worse my english gets! :p