First Weeks In Denmark!

Where do I start! The first week I just explored and caught up on lost sleep. But I did go sight seeing a few different places. I went to the mall with my host brother Peter-Christian. We just explored. But the main thing I noticed was that there were very few girl and boy shops that were together.  They were seprete. A few days later, I went to Aarhus with my host sister Ninna. We went to the art museum and it was lots of fun. On top of the art museum was a rainbow that you could walk through and see the city in different colors. There was also this cool expedition where is was really smokey and you couldnt see anything but as you went through the smoke changes colors! It was a really fun day. I also went to the Aarhus mall with my host sister Britt and my host mom. It was lots of fun!

On Monday I went canoeing with some short term exchange students and Ninna! It was so much fun and it was great to be with exchange students. Then on Tuesday I went to school! I was so confussed but a former exchange student helped translate and helped me figure things out! That night I went to a camp fire with the short term exchange students which was so much fun! I meet on guy from France who went to the U.S. two years ago and a girl who was from Australia but in a  long term in Italy. It was so great to find people in my same boat. As the week went on my classmates opened up and I got more comfortable!

Me on top of the art museum!
I cant believe I have been here for three weeks! On Sunday, I went to a meeting and met the other exchange students in my district! It was amazing! Other than that I have just been at school and it is getting better but language is such a huge barrier! I cant wait till I am fluent! Next week I will go to Intro camp with all the exchange students in Denmark! I can't wait!
In the rainbow!

The art museum!

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